1ST GRADE LEVEL: This course material builds reading skills as it presents the young student with the facts of

Creation as presented in the Bible. He learns about the human body as well as concepts of health care and hygiene.


2ND GRADE LEVEL: This grade sets forth the days of Creation and what was created on each day.

It also demonstrates how various plants and animals function in today’s world.

It reveals God’s original instructions to man and the consequences of man’s violation of those instructions.


3RD GRADE LEVEL: An explanation of God’s world from a biblical perspective finds the child becoming familiar with the life cycles of animals and plants. He will see the effects of solar bodies on the Earth. Geologic changes after the Flood, jungles, and hot lands, tundra and cold lands, volcanoes and earthquakes incite the natural curiosity of children—all this and much more makes this an exciting learning experience.


4TH GRADE LEVEL: The student is brought into an understanding of matter and the laws of nature.

Microbiology and early researchers with their equipment are studied. The child learns about simple standards by which scientific observations are made—measurements, time, length, weight, and temperature in both metric and English systems.

Botany, zoology, meteorology, chemistry, geology — fascinating subject matter that intrigues the fertile mind of students at this level — are introduced.


5TH GRADE LEVEL: Basic earth science principles captivate the student’s interest in molecular and atomic theories; friction, heat, and gravity; and expansion and contraction.

There is a study of geology, chemistry, aviation and aerodynamics, zoology, meteorology, sound, and botany.


6TH GRADE LEVEL: More details and in-depth studies of subject matter previously presented includes: chemistry, light and electricity, magnets and magnetism.

Students also study the central nervous system, skeletal and muscular systems, internal organs, and the germ theory of disease.


7TH GRADE LEVEL: These life science PACEs introduce and prepare students for more advanced biology.

The student learns about the habitats and characteristics of plants and animals along with ecology and God’s balance in nature.

The interrelationships between organisms are discussed. The attributes essential to life are seen in relationship to the Bible and biblical Creation.


8TH GRADE LEVEL: These earth science PACEs introduce specific areas of study such as astronomy, volcanology, topography, oceanography, meteorology, and mineralogy with proofs of the Creation. Students learn about the perfection of God’s design for the universe. Weather science is a fascinating study as part of this curriculum. This level includes a reusable Text Pac and a consumable Activity Pac.


9TH GRADE LEVEL – Biology: When God created our earth, He filled it with a vast array of living creatures. This course explores the wonders of that living Creation. Included are studies of birds, mammals, fish, amphibians, reptiles, sponges, coelenterates, mollusks, echinoderms, worms, arthropods, plants, and microorganisms. A study of the human body includes the integumentary, skeletal, muscular, nervous, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, and endocrine systems. Genetics and embryology are incorporated into the study of the human reproductive system.

Each PACE includes a reusable Text Pac and a consumable Activity Pac.


Biology DVDs

Innovative Biology DVDs are state of the art using full motion, colorful graphics, and lab experiments.


10TH GRADE LEVEL – Physical Science: Science does not have to be mind-boggling! The physical science course presents, in clear and understandable language, an introduction to chemistry and physics. After finishing the course, the student will have a better understanding of science, and a college-bound student will have a good foundation for more rigorous chemistry and physics courses. The first PACE has a pop-out section that includes a Periodic Table of the Elements and Rules for Solving Problems. Each PACE includes a reusable Text Pac and a consumable Activity Pac.

Each PACE contains a short story interspersed between sections of the text. Each story deals with a particular problem faced by many of today’s teens. The character, in the process of solving his problem, applies Scriptural principles and demonstrates character development.

Prerequisite: Algebra I


Physical Science DVDs

Enhance student understanding with Physical Science DVDs through lab experiments, graphics, and state-of-the-art quality.


11TH GRADE LEVEL – Chemistry: Students are given a solid introduction to the science of chemistry. All units view the material from a biblical perspective and provide necessary helps. This course covers:

• Organic and inorganic chemistry

• Periodic Table of the Elements

• Biochemistry

• Properties of metals, nonmetals, and metalloids

• Molecular bonding

• Chemical equilibrium

• Chemical reactions

• Thermodynamics

• Gas laws

• Acids and bases

• Electrochemistry

• Quantitative and qualitative analysis

• Nuclear chemistry

• Balancing of chemical equations

Each PACE includes a reusable Text Pac and a consumable Activity Pac. Prerequisites: Biology, Physical Science, and Algebra I


Chemistry DVDs

Chemistry comes to life with a “virtual hands-on” dimension when combining DVDs and PACEs.


12TH GRADE LEVEL – Physics: The basics of physics are practical, interesting, and understandable in this completely self-contained course.

Full of illustrations and applications, it covers:

• Measurements and mathematics

• Radiation and nuclear energy

• Force and motion

• Electrochemistry

• Momentum and energy

• Magnetism and electrical circuits

• States of matter

• Light and electricity

• Gas laws

• Optics and optical instruments

• Heat and kinetic theory

• Wave motion and sound

Each PACE includes a reusable Text Pac and a consumable Activity Pac. Prerequisites: Algebra I and

Physical Science


Physics DVDs

The challenging course of Physics becomes easier to understand with the help of these Physics DVDs.

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